What is Global Immersion Learning?

Global Immersion Learning expands beyond the classroom and the local community to include global experiences in top campuses, providing the students with a broader academic perspective and enhanced cultural awareness.

Why is Global Immersion Learning important?

We believe everything around us is changing and so is education. Education must be about more than knowledge and in today’s competitive job market, it must be about true job readiness.

How our Immersion Global Programs help you?

Our Immersion Global Programs aim to provide opportunities to further develop your learning experience and eventually your career.

Enrich your studies by gaining a new perspective on international learning experience

The Programs

We curate, package, plan and organize strategically short Immersion Learning programs, Research Project Experiences, Global Entrepreneurship programs & Semester Abroad programs for Indian students across different overseas campuses through our exclusive tie-ups with some of the top Universities & Institutions.

Explore. Experience. Excel.

We believe education must be about more than knowledge. In today’s competitive job market, it must be about true job readiness. The International University Immersion Programs are designed to elevate the students understanding and acceptance of another culture and broadening their social horizons as well as to sample a Top Overseas University’s academic program, their faculties, share knowledge and meet with students from across the world. This experience also motivates and helps these students to make their decisions in their choice of destination for their further studies.

Partner Universities

Program Support Partners


It was absolutely an eye opener for me as I learnt not just the academic approach but the culture and the lifestyle of Australia. Great learning experience indeed.

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  • Priya

The very idea of travelling has changed for me. Loved the campus and enjoyed exploring the city and it was a good learning experience for me.

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  • Anand